Web design matters

With many services for semi-automatic creation of websites becoming trendy lately, one can create a very professional looking website in no time, and web design may seem to be something of the past. Indeed, this is the evolution of technology, it simplifies the matters which used to require more time and costs and makes them more accessible to the general mass.

But together with this accessibility comes a side effect — repetition. That landing page that has those three subscription tiers, that testimonial panel showing 5-star reviews, that email subscription box and model window asking for permissions to send you notifications, the list goes on. It feels as if there are only a handful of universally acceptable patterns and behaviour that any web UI must follow.

Some justify this lack of individualism and innovation as honouring the medium statistical audience, that this way the user experience is less chaotic and unpredictable. There is a certain degree of truth in this in the sense that design should not disregard the user experience, and one should not follow a radically unique design approach just for the sake of being different. But, what is the fine line between a good user experience and creativity? Or, put it this way — by playing it safe and minimising deviations from the standard practise in web UI, are we actually underestimating an average web user’s capabilities?

You can have a million websites mass-produced on Squarespace that looking equally nice and semi-professional, but, at the end of the day, they still lack something — the process of prototyping the interface, crafting a separate user experience, creating an art that a website is — and these are the elements of web design which make a website unique in its own, like a person with his own identity.

Advancements in technologies enhance our lives, give us a shortcut to achieve our goals, but may also deprive us from enjoying the process itself. And that’s why web design still matters.

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